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Participating in the Popcorn Fundraiser is fun, important, and it helps in so many ways! 

It allows the scout to pay their own way to camp; it helps the scout learn salesmanship and earn rewards for their effort.   It also helps the council !!

Popcorn for Gamehaven Council's Popcorn Fundraiser is supplied by Trail's End.  For 2010, all features of the popcorn are better. 

There have been BIG changes with the popcorn this year - the flavor, the nutritional value, the packaging, it is BETTER all the way around!  Trail's End has put together short informative video's regarding the IMPROVED product.  Learn more about the popcorn by clicking on the links below. 

Fall Timetable and Key Dates:

July 22, 2010               Unit Leader Training, Willow Creek Golf, 7 PM

September 15, 2010   Show and Deliver pre-orders due to Council

September 23, 2010   Show and Deliever popcorn Distribution & Sale Begins

October 4, 2010          Blitz sheet turn in

October 28, 2010        Sale Ends

November 11, 2010     Popcorn distribution

December 3, 2010       Final popcorn payment due

More details can be found in the:

What does a marshmallow, a crossbow, and $600 in sales have to do with the popcorn fundraiser?  Find out here.


Unit Helps

2010-2011 Program Planner 

Use this worksheet to help with your unit's budget and costs.  Enter in costs of unit expenses such as registration, advancement, and activity costs and the numbers are automatically generated.

Unit Sales Goal Calculator

This worksheet helps units figure out sales goals for individual scouts and units.  Enter your budget goal and number of scouts in your unit and this automatically figures out the unit sales goal, the scout goal, and container goal.

Popcorn Order Form

For those that need another order form.


Did you know?

BSA and Trail's End have a 30 year history of working together.

Units do not need to file a unit money earning application for participating in the popcorn fundraiser. 

Over 70% goes to local Scouting.


Trail's End products can be sold online!

Send emails to friends and family, near and far, and they can order their popcorn online.  The product will be delivered directly to the consumer.  Everyone benefits from online sales. Learn more.     Trails End Online Selling Guide



For additional information and help, check out Trail's End Website.



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