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Scouting In
Southeast Minnesota

Welcome to the Gamehaven Scouting website.


Please take a moment to check out the various drop down content at the top of this page:

  • In the "program" section you will find out more details on Scouting and the Scout programs that we offer for youth in southeast Minnesota. 

  • In the "events" section  you will find information on upcoming events, current news, upcoming trainings or classes being offered. 

  • In the "about" section you will get information on our retail store and hours, office contact information, current news blog and more.

  • The "resources" section has a lot of information on the tools to help units find answers regarding running a unit, how to recharter, Scoutbook guide, and many different Scout forms, training available and recognition. 

  • The "camp" and "district" sections will give you informaton on Gamehaven Scout Reservation and the three districts that make up Gamehaven Council. 

  • The "fundraising" section will tell you about the current fundraising our Scouts are doing, as well as where you can go to donate to help keep Scouting strong in southeast Minnesota.   

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Scouting In SE Minnesota