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Collections Online Merit Badge - $15

Class Dates: October 28th &  29th

Class times: 5pm- 7pm

Deadline to Register - Oct. 23rd

Counselor: James Mosser

Collections will take you through the fun of collecting odds and ends, treasure hunts and paper chases, collecting super heroes and villians, or the Collecting of rocks, and sport cards. This is a two session class to complete the merit badge

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Citizenship in Nation

Online Merit Badge - $15

Class Dates: Oct. 17th & Oct. 21st

Class times: October 17th- 10am-Noon

                        October 21st- 6:30pm-8:30pm

It will take two sessions to complete Merit Badge

Deadline to Register - Oct. 14th

Counselor: Glenn Leckband

In Citizenship in the Nation you will learn about the foundation of American Democracy, the branches of the government, different parties, national issues and national treasures and other government structures.   
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Citizenship In the World Online Merit Badge


Class Dates: November 3rd & 4th - Tues. & Wed.  

Class times: 5pm-7pm

Deadline to Register - Oct. 27th

Counselor: James Mosser

Citizenship in the World will take you through topics such as: National Interests, World Order of Nations, International Trade and Commerce, the United Nations System, International Law and Global Issue, watchdogs and advocates. This is a two session class to complete this merit badge. 

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Online Merit Badge - $15

Class Dates: October 18th & 25th

Class times: 1-4pm (both Sessions)

Counselor: Ruth Poole

Deadline to Register - Oct. 15th

Communication is the key to opening doors. How to be a good listener and good leader. Presenting a five minute speech, careers in communication and communicating in the digital world.  This is a two session class to complete this Merit Badge

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Class is Full 

Family Life Online

Merit Badge


Class Dates: Tues & Thurs. November 17th & 19th 

Class times: 6:30-8:30 pm

Deadline to Register - November 9th

Counselor: Jason Kozisek

Scouts learn what a family is, types of families, communicating effectively, conflict resolution, positive family traits, and what your future family could look like. This is a two session class to complete the merit badge. 

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Online Merit Badge - $10