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The fastest way to get started in Black Pug is to set up an account for yourself and connect the account to the unit you are chartered with.



This is also found on the Event Details page under the Lookup menu.
Enter your email address and registration number to find your registration. If you do not
remember the registration number, enter the email used to create the registration. You will
receive an email with the registration link.


  • Next step is to update your Profile. This is where you will connect with the unit that you are chartered .

  • Please note that Gamehaven Office does not keep track of your account on Black Pug. If you forget your password or your user log on, you will need to go through the necessary steps to connect back to it. 

Below are some Youtube videos to help with the above process and to give you additional information on unit rosters and parental control.


All Rosters are managed in your MyAccount.

Personal Roster:

If you have a MyAccount, you can create and manage your own personal roster. Log into your account, then select import to upload a roster. 


To manage the roster, select MyActivity, then Edit Selected Roster. You can add or delete people from the roster, or change data by clicking into the cell and replacing the data. 

Council Provided Roster:

If you have access to a Council-provided roster, you will see the unit(s) listed below My Activity. Select the unit and then Edit the Roster to view it.


You cannot add, remove or edit any information from a Council-provided roster. If you need assistance with a Council-provided roster, contact your council for assistance.   NOTE: Council unit Rosters are updated quarterly by the council through Akela.  


If you are the registration owner, you can turn on Parent Portal under Additional actions inside the registration. 

Once parent portal is enable, you can generate credentials for every attendee to share with the parents. 

Parent can login at the following areas:

  1. On the event details page, under the lookup menu

  2. At the URL provided on the credential report generated by the registration owner

  3. Or, at the URL below: 


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