Your Step-by-Step Tutorial for Renewing Your Charter.  

Steps to the charter renewal process:

To make this process as easy as possible, please take the following steps. 

Step A. Prepare:

  1. Select an adult to complete the online process and assure that individual has the access code that was emailed to Key 3 leaders in your unit at the beginning of October 2020.

  2. Download and review the 2021 Charter Renewal Instructions and Annual unit charter agreement. 

  3. Review this webpage and the Online Rechartering Frequently Asked Questions. Tutorial to preview the process (an access code is not needed for the turtorial. 

Step B. Ensure everyone is registered before starting the online charter renewal:

  1. Obtain a current roster:

    • The Unit Key 3 can access and print roster from my.scouting, Member Manager Tool.​ 

  2. Review the roster​ for any missing youth or adults.

  3. Collect membership applications for any missing youth or adult.

    • This can be done with paper applications or through the online membership application process at

    • Collect the right fees- ensure that you collect fees for the months that the person is active in 2020, PLUS the full 2021 fees. See the chart below for pro-rate amounts. Reminder that any new youth added in re-charter process will be assessed the $25 joining fee. 

    • Questions? Contact  the Registrar, Pam Legried, or your district commissioner or district executive. 

  4. Turn in all applications.

  5. Wait a day or two for online applications to process, and a few days for paper applications to be manually processed.

  6. Obtain a fresh roster from Member Manager Tool in my.scouting,  to ensure new persons are registered before proceeding to Step C.

Step B is very important. It ensures that all persons are listed when you begin online renewal, which will make the process MUCH simpler and easier!

Step C. Begin the online charter renewal process

  1. Access the Online Charter Renewal System:   Internet Recharter User Guide

  2. Create account(s)

    • A new account is required each year.​

    • A separate account is required for each unit.

  3. Complete the six stages as presented in the system, step-by-step.​

  4. Please DO NOT PAY ONLINE: please prepare a check payable to "Gamehaven Council" to bring to the office. 

Key dates for the charter renewal process:


October 1, 2020: Online system activated.

October 5, 2020 : All units start the process by checking unit rosters.

  • Begins the steps listed above in Step B- FIRST ensure all members are registered, THEN move to Step C to use the online charter renewal system. 

  November 1, 2020 : Beginning November 1st all units submit charter online and prepare to turn into Gamehaven Council or to your District Executive (see next step for details).

  • PLEASE DO NOT PAY ONLINE. Please plan to pay by check payable to "Gamehaven Council" at council office

December 11, 2020: On or before December 11th turn in the completed charter packet to Council office or to your district executive, including:


  • A printed copy of your completed charter renewal. Please print charter renewal application and not the summary renewal E-Z report .

  • Any additional paper membership applications. 

  • Any printed Youth Protection certificates.

  • A signed background check authorization form for each NEW registering adult.

  • A check for payment due, payable to "Gamehaven Council". This is the recommended method of the three possible payments. 

    • Payment- 3 methods

      • Credit card If paying by credit card you will enter the credit card information. Note there is a 3% administrative fee for using the credit card. Upon selecting this option and clicking "next", you will see a confirmation "Payment successful" and should print out your payment confirmation at this time. Note that the Registrar can't make changed to online paid charter that affect the fee structure.

      • E-Check  You may pay by E-check. You will fill out the required banking information and there is no fee to use this method. The unit is responsible to promptly pay any amount that could not be collected by the E-check processing.

      • Pay Direct to Council - You can select $ pay direct to council  and remit to the Council office by cash, check or unit account. Checks should be made out to Gamehaven Council. If you are paying by unit account a grey box will appear after select "submit roster" which you should check to give the Council permission to use your unit account. 

Important notes for the charter renewal process:

  • Please select the "Print Renewal Application" option instead of E-Z Report. The E-Z Report does not include some details necessary for our council's charter renewal process. This selection is made on the "congratulations" page after you have submitted your charter renewal information.


  • Youth Protection Training is Required. Current or new adults will not be registered without first completing Youth Protection Training. Youth protection certificates are valid for two years and are required for ALL registered leaders.

  • Adult applications are required of age 18-20 Venturing, Sea Scout, and Exploring members. Venturing and Sea Scout participants, current and new, who are age 18 to 20 years of age must complete an adult application and Youth Protection training in order to be registered. This standard is to ensure that all persons legally considered to be adults are able to meet adult membership requirements. 

  • Updated "Additional Disclosures & Background Check authorization forms are required" of all registered adult leaders for the 2021 charter renewal process. Collect a completed, signed form form each adult on the unit charter list, previous members as well as new applicants. These forms are available at:  background check authorization form .


Helpful online resources:

Pro-Rated Fees:

This chart shows fees for youth and adults joining in 2020 and continuing their membership through 2021. Pro-rated and full-year fees are shown for each month of membership

  • Youth Members are persons under the age of 18 in Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing & Sea Scouts
  • New Youth and participants pay a One-Time joining fee of $25. If previously registered in any BSA program, please provide that information to waive fee.
  • Adult members fee includes the cost of background checks and the Scouting Magazine
  • The Local insurance fee is $13/yr for youth and adult. 
  • The Chartered organization fee is $75, which goes directly to National to defray Liability insurance costs. 
  • Boys' Life magazine is optional, but strongly recommended. It is delivered monthly and a fun read for Scouts.