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CDC Guidelines

Please visit the CDC website for current guidelines for COVID-19.


Scouting Outings

It is imperative for both your safety and Scouting’s reputation within our community that you follow all guidelines set in place by your chartered organization and/or meeting location. 

In addition:

  • Guardians have the final say as to the minimum protection they wish to require for their youth

  • Scouts units and leaders are not allowed to encourage or require the removal of COVID safety measures.

  • Scout units are allowed to require additional safety measures (such as masks and physical distancing) as determined by their unit committee, chartered organization, council mandate, and/or meeting location

  • Activities that could involve contact of bodily fluids, should not be performed.  This includes bobbing for apples, sharing meals, and the like.

  • Wash or sanitize your hands frequently, and use gloves when working with food

  • If a participant at that event tests positive for COVID, immediately contact every other person who was at that event to notify them that they have been exposed.  Do not reveal which person tested positive. Continue to report COVID exposures to the Council Office.

Updated as of 09.27.2022

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