06.03.2021- Here are the current Covid-19 Guidelines that Child care, youth camps and certified camps need to follow. This has been updated by the MN Dept. of Health. Please review the entire document. Below the button I have highlighted some key things to remember.



Recommendations for mitigating COVID-19 transmission in certified child care, youth programs, and camps


Plan and PrepareMDH strongly recommends that programs

  • Encourage staff to be fully vaccinated (two weeks after completion of a two-dose or a one-dose series) prior to starting camp to reduce the risk of getting seriously ill from COVID-19 and help reduce risk of spreading COVID-19 to others. 

  • Communicate with families prior to sessions beginning to set expectations for program participation, including following mitigation strategies and attendance requirements related to illness, symptoms, exposure, and quarantine. 

  • Regularly communicate and educate participants and their families related to the program’s COVID-19 mitigation measures and acknowledge that strategies and available programming may change if the level of community transmission increases. 

  • Consider engaging program participants in developing communications or creative strategies to limit the spread of COVID-19 (e.g., develop a competition around creating new greetings, providing alternatives to hugs, or high-fives). 

  • Hold staff and volunteer meetings, trainings, etc. virtually or in a large enough space to accommodate social distancing.

  • Have a staffing plan that is flexible enough to accommodate staff member or volunteer absences due to illness or quarantine for exposures. 

  • Review sick and absentee policies to ensure they are supportive of participants staying home when sick or when in quarantine due to an exposure. 

  • Consider ways to accommodate the needs of staff, volunteers, children, and families at risk for serious illness from COVID-19.  Establish clear procedures with vendors to mitigate interaction with the program and camp community. 

Face Coverings

  • While face coverings are no longer required by statewide mandate, businesses can consider establishing their own requirements.

  • Reference the Federal government, Minnesota Rule, and universal business guidance requirements above for additional details on the use of face coverings on transportation vehicles.

  • In addition, because children under the age of 12 are not eligible for vaccination and many over the age of 12 are only recently eligible and may not yet be fully vaccinated, there is a risk that COVID-19 transmission will occur in youth programs and camp settings. As a result, MDH strongly recommends that participants wear face coverings:  During all indoor programming, as the risk of transmission is heightened in indoor settings.  During outdoor programming if physical distance cannot be maintained.