Council Leadership & Board Members


Key 3

The Council Key 3 consists of the Council President, Council Commissioner, and Scout Executive. They meet weekly to ensure proper coordination of the work of the Council. They furnish liaisons between the Commissioner staff and the various committees of the Council. They may also provide  proposals and recommendations to, but in no way usurp the authority of, the Executive Board or Executive Committee of the Board.


Executive Board
The Executive Board is a functioning administrative group elected to take the necessary action to achieve the purposes of the Council. It  establishes the Council program and carries out the resolutions, policies, and activities voted on by the Council. It determines policy for the Council in accordance with its delegated authority, and within the context of the Charter and Bylaws and the Rules and Regulations of the Boy Scouts of America. The Board protects the long-range future of Scouting in the community. Council Board Members play two complimentary but very different roles. First, like the familiar corporate board member, they govern the organization. Unlike the corporate board member, they also sign on as volunteers agreeing to undertake any assignment reasonably asked of them.

  • Jeff Allman- Past Council President

  • Frank Allen 

  • Dan Beck

  • Aaron Benike

  • LeRoy Czaplewski

  • Tom DeMarais- Sugarloaf District Vice Chair

  • John Devlin, Council President

  • Frankie Sears- Scout Executive

  • James Gregoire

  • Chris Hahn- Council Vice President

  • Mike Hawkins

  • Mike Hemmingson

  • Ronald Jensen

  • Jeff Kranz- Council Commissioner

  • Allen Kronebusch

  • Ben Lund 

  • Stanley Mayer, VP Fiscal Controls

  • Ashok Patel MD

  • Barrie Pedersen- Council Treasurer 

  • Donald Peterson

  • William Ryan, Legal Counsel

  • Michael Schnell

  • Gregory Snider

  • Dondi Stender- Wakpaota District Chairman

  • Dennis Von Ruden

  • Thomas Wright - Hiawatha District Chairman