Gamehaven Merit Badge Fair 2020

October 24, 2020 - new date

MERIT BADGE FAIR CLASSES 2020 - UPDATE!  Because we have had to re-schedule this event twice, we are going to treat the event on October 24th as a new and separate event. Soon we hope to be sending out updated classes being offered, times, etc. For now, please mark your calendars and watch for updates in your emails and on our website. Thankyou


Merit Badge Fair 2020.JPG

THEME: "A Perfect Vision for the Future"

DATE: October 24, 2020

LOCATION: Willow Creek School- 2425 11th Avenue SE, Rochester, MN

CLASS QUESTIONS?- Please contact James White at

COST: This year the cost will be by Scout and a straight fee of $20.

Whether the Scout takes two half day classes, a full day class or 1 half day class the cost is the same.  

Some classes may have additional fees due to necessary supplies and are noted on the class roster below. 

LUNCH COST: We are offering three types of lunch. More information to come. Lunch is $5/person


The link to register is

CLASS WAITING LISTAttention Leaders! There will be a waiting list for each class being offered this year. HOWEVER, if you register a youth for a class and he/she is 2nd or more on the list, I recommend that you register them for a different class ASAP and not leave them on the wait list for the committee to take off. Each class is set for a number of students and it varies by class. The class numbers are pretty tight and anyone on a waiting list will only get the class if someone is ill. We do  not foresee increasing class numbers as has been done in previous Fairs.   

NOTE: Each Troop at Gamehaven Council has a user name and password for registering in the Merit Badge Fair. It is your sign on to If you do not have user and password, please call the office to get it. DO NOT SET UP A NEW USER AND PASSWORD. Pam or Barbara can give you this information. We encourage all units to go on to the Tentaroo site to make sure all the Scouts and Leaders in your unit are added. To add Scouts you need to know their name, rank and birthdate. If you have old Scouts on there you can delete to update your rosters. Once your rosters are updated, then all you need do is find out what classes each Scout is wanting. On the day of sign up log-in and start adding the classes to each Scouts name. The system will tell you if a class is full.

REGISTERING THROUGH TENTAROO: Please click on the link below.

Tentaroo How to Register

This link guides you on how to update your rosters and later to register for the "Merit Badge Fair". If you have any questions about your rosters or are having difficulties please call Barbara at Gamehaven 507-287-1410 or email her 

Can't stress how important it is to do the rosters before registration day.