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Saturday, October 29, 2022
@ Gamehaven Scout Reservation

Cost per Class is $10/ half day and $20/full day class.  
Classes Offered and Pre-Requisites are Listed Towards Bottom Of Page

Registration Opens - Wednesday, Sept, 28 @ 6am


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Medicine -health Care professions MB.jpg
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  1. Class Cost - Most classes are $10/half day class. $20/Full day class. There are some classes that have an extra charge for supplies needed. 

  2. Where is the Merit Badge Rally being held? - Gamehaven Scout Reservation- 5015 Simpson Rd, Rochester, MN 55904

  3. How do I register for classes? Registration can be done on Tentaroo. Unit Accts-Units already have accounts on Tentaroo and just need to sign up with their existing user and password. If they don't remember password they can call the Council office. We are asking that Scoutmasters sign up the Youth on their Troop account. 

  4. What time do classes start? - Morning Classes will start promptly at 8:30am. Afternoon Classes will start promptly at 1:00pm 

  5. What about lunch? - We are asking all Scouts, leaders and volunteers to bring their own bag lunch. We will have bottled water on hand during the day for everyone. 

  6. What Time do I need to Check-in? The Check-in process will open at 7:00am- 7:45am  Saturday- You must check in at the Admin Building upon arrival at camp. 

  7. Flag Ceremony & Greeting- A flag ceremony will take place at 8:00am

  8. Scout Uniform - Scouts must wear their Class A uniforms to this event (EXCEPTION - those taking a welding class or Cycling class do not wear uniform).  Please see information on Welding and Cycling classes below to get details of how you should dress. 

  9. Merit Badge Classes- Will be set up through-out camp under Pop-up tent structures. Maps will be provided so you know where your class(s) will be. Classes will be in the Cub Scout area of camp. 


You will be registering your Scouts onto Tentaroo for this event. If you need your user and password for the unit please call office right away at 507-361-5340. Registration opens on Wednesday, Sept. 28th.  Register each scout as soon as they let you know what class they want during that week. Once a class is full, it is full. We will not be having a wait list.  

Registration closes on October 8th in order to give Scouts time to prepare for their classes. Click on registration link to get started. 

Registration Opens on Sept. 28th
at 6am
ATTENTION SCOUTS- After You are Registered in a class please get details of the class below (Click the links)
After you have officially been registered in the class, please look below to find the class(s) you are taking. Please click on appropriate links to get information on the class,  and what you need to complete BEFORE attending class. 


Click on link of each class that you have registered for to get all the information needed to be prepared for class. Save class information to your computer.

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