It's Popcorn Time!!!

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Every Scout should learn the value of hard work and earning their own way. The popcorn sale is the perfect opportunity to teach this valuable life lesson and fund the most exciting year of Scouting ever. More than 70% of the popcorn sale supports your programs and local Scouting! The Gamehaven Council does all the pre-work to set up the sale, eliminating the need for your unit to research opportunities, calculate returns, create sales and promotional materials, etc. 

The popcorn sale is not just about selling popcorn...It’s also about promoting Scouting!

Key Dates to Remember

  • September 1- Tuesday                            Deadline for Commit to Sell

  • September 8 - Tuesday                           Unit Show & Deliver Orders Due

  • September 24 - Thursday                       Unit Show & Deliver Distribution

  • September 25 - Friday                            Sale Begins

  • October 5- Monday                                 Popcorn Re-order (Email Arne)

  • October 6 - Tuesday                               Top Seller Drawing

  • October 9 - Friday                                   Popcorn Pick-up @ GSR

  • October 13 - Tuesday                             Top Seller Drawing

  • October 20 - Tuesday                             Top Seller Drawing

  • October 23 - Friday                                 Popcorn Sale Ends

  • October 27 - Tuesday                             Show & Deliver Returns

  • October 28 - Wednesday                       Take Orders Due

  • October 30 - Friday                                Final due date For 

                                                                                          (GCC prizes, Winner circle, $1,100 club)

  • November 12 - Thursday                       Popcorn Pickup from Dist. Warehouses  

  • December 4 - Friday                              Final Due Date Popcorn Payments

To Get more details on the above dates -

Refer to the Unit Popcorn Kernel Guidebook

Sign Up To Sell

Hard work is a value that Scouting teaches and selling popcorn is a great opportunity for Scouts to learn the importance of earning their own way. More than 70% of proceeds stay right here in Southeast Minnesota and help pay for Scouting adventures like summer camp and beyond. Commit your unit to the 2020 sale by contacting:

Hiawatha District – Jacob Winter – 507-271-1390 (Cell)

Sugar Loaf District Arne Landsverk - 507-722-5218 (Cell)

Wakpaota District – Michael Wells – 507-676-0539 (Cell)

Sale Resources

Make 2020 your best sale yet with resources from contactless options to the Pecatonica product list, and more. Download our Guidebook below to get started.

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