National Rate Increase & What This Means

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Information on Rate Increase

ATTENTION SCOUT LEADERS & VOLUNTEERS: As many of you know in early June the Boy Scouts of America raised the National Registration Fee to $66 a year. They also implemented a Joining Fee of $25 for all new youth in the program. In addition to that increase, councils must set a fee. The Gamehaven Council Fee for the next year will be $66. We arrived at this amount with input from all three district committees. The new fees will begin on August 1,2020 for new Scouts joining on a prorated basis of $25 Joining Fee, $5.50 per month National Registration Fee and a $5.50 per month Council Fee. Scouts currently registered will pay this fee during annual re-charter. The total amount will be $132 per Scout or $55 per adult. We understand that some may see this as a steep increase in fees. We will make sure everyone is aware of the process of applying for scholarships.  We are dedicated to never keeping a child from joining the Scouts because of financial barriers. We are also working through the process of making sure that the $66 Council Fee is invested back into our program. In the budgeting process we will be covering the $13.00 “Insurance Fee” for all registered Scouts. We will also eliminate fees at Gamehaven Scout Reservation for all ground sites used for unit camping but not including Cub Scout Family Camp, Day Camp, NYLT or Scouts, and BSA Day Camp. We will be eliminating or lowering cost for events that take place during the course of the year including:  1. Patches 2. program supplies 3. meals at certain events Fees may be charged when we incur costs outside of those listed above. Events for which we would like to reduce or eliminate fees are the following: 1. District Camporees 2. Polar Cubs 3. Klondike Derbies 4. Pinewood Derbies 5. Merit Badge Fairs 6. Cub Scout Fall Adventures 7. Other possible Cub Scout Events I look forward to working with you as we make the Gamehaven Council stronger by providing quality programs and service to all of the families we serve. Jason Dugan Scout Executive


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