New Leader Jumpstart

This jumpstart resource was designed to help onboard new Den Leaders for Cub Scout Packs, however the tips it contains are applicable to many Adult Leader roles in the organization.  Also, note the videos that can help new leaders 

Welcome Den Leader!

Here are your first steps:

Week 1:
  1. Fill out an Adult Application with attached background check consent form. Make sure it is signed by your Pack’s Chartered Organization Representative.
  2. Complete Youth Protection Training
    1. Create an account on and sign in
    2. Click the big red button on the right side of the home page
    3. Once complete, send the certificate along with signed adult application from Step 1 to Gamehaven Council
Week 2:
  1. Complete 45-minute “Before your First Meeting” training
    1. Select “Den Leader Training”
    2. Click on “Enroll”
    3. Click “Visit” on the second module, “Before your First Meeting”
    4. Click “Start” on “CS-19 Welcome”
  2. Hold your First Den Meeting, using this den meeting plan
Week 3:
  1. Complete 45-minute “Before your First Outdoor Activity” training
    1. Select “Den Leader Training”
    2. Click “Visit” on the third module, “Before your First Outdoor Activity”
    3. Click “Start” on “CS-19 Preparing Families for Outdoor Adventures”
Week 4:
  1. Hold your Second Den Meeting, using this den meeting plan
  2. Complete 30-minute “Earning your Trained Strip” training
    1. Select “Den Leader Training”
    2. Click “Visit” on the first module, “Earning your Trained Strip”
    3. Click “Start” on “CS-19 Involving Adults in Cub Scouting”
  3. Complete a Den Annual Plan
    1. Fit all required adventures into your annual calendar
    2. Fill empty spaces with elective adventures
  4. Register for Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation
  5. Email completed documents (listed below) to to receive a free “Trained” patch!
    1. Certificate of Completion for Den Leader Training
    2. Den Annual Plan

More Resources

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my.scouting Training and Roster Database

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Useful Videos

"How can we help new Cub Scout Leaders succeed?"
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