A Guide to Help Units Maintain Their Tentaroo Account 


  • First of all, to get to the Gamehaven Council Log in page for Tentaroo please click on this link-https://gamehaven.tentaroo.com/admin2/login

  • As leaders of a unit, you all share the user name and password for the pack or troop. We ask that once a unit is set up, that they always use that account to register Scouts for events and such. If you do not know the user name and password for your unit, you can call the council office and get that information from Office Manager or Registrar. 507-287-1410.


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  1. Unit Profile - "my profile" is the group's account profile and includes important information such as the user name and a button to change your password. You can also update the primary and alternate contacts as unit leadership or contact information changes. Accounts in Tentaroo retain information- such as contact information, member profiles, and registration and reservation history, for ease of registration and records retrieval. 

    • Each unit can have only one account in the system.

    • Unit accounts are shared among unit leadership. Please use a password that is safe to share among leaders who will be registering for events and is not used on other sensitive systems.

    • When leaders step down, make sure the account information is passed on to the next set of leaders. This may also be a good time to update the password.

    • Important notifications about your registrations may be sent periodically form the council. These notifications will go to the primary and alternate contacts. please make sure you are forwarding them on to the parent or leader responsible for the event if different form the account contacts.

MANAGE MY GROUP: My groups allows you to build your group membership for event registrations. Prior to a registration starting, you can always update your members' profile to make registering a breeze. You can also add new members to your group during the registration process; these new members will be added to your group records for future reference. NOTE: while adding new people or making changes to a person's profile- don't forget to hit "save" each time you make changes. 

Important Notes on Group Members:

  • Each member is a unique part of your group, and changing the name on a member will alter all the records associated with that member. If you need to add a sibling or new member, do not overwrite an existing name. Add a new member.

  • Group members can be deleted fi they leave the unit or transition form youth to adults. Records will be maintained, and selecting "Display deleted" will show all deleted members to retrieve records of registrations or merit badge completions.  

  • Deleting a member will not remove them from an event. Contact the council if you need assistance removing an individual form an event. 

VIEW PREVIOUS ORDERS: Previous orders include records of past payments and registration adjustments. Click on an order to view details and generate receipts; you can also go to "Previous Orders" to check if your group has credit on file. Credit can be used to pay for future purchases in Tentaroo, or you can contact the council to request a refund. 


  1. My Events - Your upcoming registered events

  2. My Trips - Your upcoming trips. Click to view reservations in each trip.(inactive at this time)

  3. Settings - Contains three sections:

    • Profile- update account contact information, change username and password.

    • My Group- Add, edit, or remove individuals for your account. Formerly "My roster".

    • Previous Orders - View and print receipts for your prior transactions, View credit on file. 

  4. Shopping Cart - Will display a number of item that are in the cart; these items are not finalized until your check out.  Check out often on events and facilities with limited capacities.​

  5. Feed back - Send feedback to your council
  6. Facilities - See list of locations available and your upcoming trips. Add new trip or modify upcoming trips, and add reservations through the wizard. (this  section is inactive at this time)
  7. Events - See list of events available for registration, future events not yet open for registration, your future events and your past events.  Click on an event to register or modify an existing registration.  
  8. Home - Return to the home screen form anywhere in the system. 

  9. ​Hamburger menu - Toggle this menu to access all points in the system from any screen on any device. 

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